(Video) YouTuber Plays a Game of Would You Rather With a… Pug?! Now This is Worth Watching!

would you rather with a pug

We remember those olden days of television, watching classic shows like “Let’s Make a Deal”, Match Game” and the still famous “Jeopardy” but there is nothing quite as YouTube or UTube as a nice game of “Would You Rather …”.

And what makes this game extra special is when you have a friend with you, namely a handsome and smart pug, to help you along with the questions and answers!

Now, watching the video over on the next page, we are not really sure how helpful the Pug was to our host but he certainly kept him around, held in his arms, and we think that was a small bit of security. After all, some of those questions were pretty hard!

After the break watch the video and, see if you have the same answers as our host and his puggy companion and if you are you can say I have the mind-set of a YouTuber and Pug! Whoo Hoo!

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