5 Bizarre Facts About Dogs That You Didn’t Know Until Now

funny pug

As a doggy owner, you might very easily believe that you know absolutely everything there is to know about your furry best friend. You might think your a dog whisperer but these facts will make you guess again! LOL!

You're probably buying into some age-old myths and have it completely wrong! Lucky for you, you can finally get the doggone truth! LOL! These bizarre facts may sound unbelievable but trust me, they're true!

After checking these facts out, you'll be a complete doggy expert! Impress your friends with your extensive doggy knowledge! Your pooch will appreciate it too. He'll be proud of having a smart human owner!

Have you ever wondered why your dog kicks her feed after going to the bathroom? Or why she tries to rub her ears in something gross at the beach? Well, we're about to solve mysteries like these!

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