5 Facts You Should Fully Understand About Heartworm Before it’s too Late…

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Whenever we take our dog to the veterinarian, when he’s feeling bad or is listless, we know there must be a serious problem. Our vet does two so, more times than not, he’ll test Rover for a number of problems – including heartworm.

It would be nice to know how heartworm happens. We have a seemingly healthy dog then, one day, he comes down sick. It is rather like having an inside the house dog which rarely goes outside, maybe to do his business, but still manages to get fleas and ticks… How does that happen?

Heartworm disease takes no prisoners so it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about it as soon as you can. Oddly, some vets say they get more reported cases during the warmer months. No one is certain why but, seeing as how it is Summer now, it might be a great time to anticipation the problem if you haven’t already started prevention.

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