4 Signs a Dog Has an Owner Trained. #3 Really Hit Home!


You adopt a dog with all the best intentions. You are going to train the little guy as a puppy and before you know it he’ll be following commands at the snap of a finger!

All dog owners believe this but it is estimated that about fifty-six percent (56%) actually get the well-trained doggy they bargained for. It is not that they do not love their dog or that Fido hasn’t learned the basics of “sit” and “stay” but soon you discover something very odd has happened.

Has Fido trained you?

Example: You know there is a special place on the floor where he likes to lay down, the one where you always lay his favorite blanket. Watch one day as he stands or sits there, waiting for his blanket, eyeing you. “Oh yes, your blanket!” and there you go, running off to the laundry room to drag it out after a quick Febreze-ing session. Then you lay it where Fido likes it best. Hey, wait a minute, you think. When did your dog start cuing commands?!

For a humorous bend on the master-dog dilemma, go over to the next page. Honestly, number three (#3) made us crack up because it is so true!

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