(Video) Golden Retriever Refuses to Give up Pacifier, Has Giant Meltdown in the Process

pacifer pup

Just like human beings, doggies have favorite things, beloved objects they hunt for the minute they walk into the house after a lengthy walk. As long as they see “chickie” or “ball-ball” they are happy and secure. Life can continue.

This is probably not an epiphany for anyone who owns a pooch. We’ve all seen them drag out their favorite toy the minute they think it is time to play — or when company shows up. Yet, there are some pooches that are a little more obsessed than others.

The Golden Retriever over on the next page is a good example of a doggy that just loves his pacifier so much that the thought of Daddy taking it away it too much for him to fathom! It is both heartbreaking and hilarious, watching the poor pooch obsessively hold onto what he feels is his and his alone!

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