5 Poisonous Items Hiding in a Pet Parent’s Purse or Backpack

sick pug

Somehow, they sniff things out we never thought they would be interested in. Maybe it is because they have picked up on an odd smell, something peculiar for them to explore!

Still, why would a dog be interested in an asthma inhaler? It’s not even chocolate!

While we may never really get inside the mind of a dog, to understand fully how it works, we can at least know that anything they find a curiosity may one day end up in their mouth. And, if they chew on the wrong thing, they might end up becoming very ill or, worse yet, die!

After the break go over to the next page and take a look at five common but, to dogs, poisonous items. You may be stunned to know what a simple tablet of medication can do to your fur baby! Be informed and be aware!

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