(Video) Corgi Tries Fruit for the First Time. Her Reaction? Priceless!

corgi fruit

Did you know that there are fruits and veggies that are safe and even healthy for doggies? You don't always have to restrict their diets to strictly dog food! And if you want your pooch to be strong and healthy, this is a great way to boost their immune system!

However, have you ever wondered if doggies even like fruits and veggies? Well, one open-minded Corgi decides to investigate for herself!

Her owner decides to let her try a few fruits and veggies. How she reacts to them? You need to see this! LOL!

This pooch is a real food critic, and her opinion is definitely appreciated by other doggies! LOL! You won't believe what fruits and veggies this Corgi enjoys the most!

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