(Video) Lab Gave Birth to a Little of Cute Puppies, But They Soon Realize One of Them is Green


All puppies are cute in their own way and we have seen strange abnormalities in many litters.

For instance, you might have a batch of black pug puppies with one single fawn colored member of the fur family.

Then there are the puppies that all look alike, a litter of German Shepherds let’s say, and suddenly one pops out looking suspiciously like the neighbor’s Miniature Poodle. Ooops!

Yet, it is the rare dog that is born green! No exaggeration!

Over on the next page, a video will explain how that color mystery can happen. But it is enough knowing that having a green puppy is a rare occurrence!

Should pet parents hide their heads in shame or marvel at the uniqueness of their unusual new pet? Go take a look!

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