6 Common Pug Genetic Issues That Owners Should Educate Themselves About

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It would not be the first time we extolled the virtue of pugs. They are friendly, love to play, make great companions and they are the chosen pet of emperors! If that sounds a little over the top it actually is not. LOL! Generally speaking, if you look at the expression on a pug’s face, they know they are special!

Sadly, that specialness can come at a steep price. As much as we love those curly tails, smooshed in faces, and unique grunts, our pug pals can find themselves in a pot of hot water when it comes to health issues. It is a genetic thing and there is little that can be done about it other than watching the little sweethearts carefully.

Now, there will be those who say they have never had a bit of trouble – health wise – with their pugs and that is truly wonderful! However, not every pug owner can be so self-assured!

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