(VIDEO) The Art of Feeding a Pug

Pug Eating From Fork

They are our babies and we would do anything for them. Still one has to wonder when we’ve crossed a line from treating a dog like a dog and really turning him into a baby!

The puppy over on the next page is certainly a pudgy cutie of a Pug. He has a lovely temperament and even knows when he should go get water, which is in a bottle attached to a nearby wall. Yet, we have to wonder, over his eight years, if they ever really tried to let him eat on his own …

Now, according to what we’ve read the poor pug became ill when very little. Because of that ailment, his Mommy and Daddy have had to feed him with a spoon ever since. Far be it from us to doubt what has been reported. Perhaps it is an on-going throat ailment?

Yet, can you imagine going through this process every night?

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