6 Common Pug Genetic Issues That Owners Should Know About

two pugs

We do not want to think of our precious pooches, of any breed, as anything other than healthy and happy! Still, there are some breeds a bit less issue free than others. It is not their fault. It’s just the nature of their bloodline!

Pugs are amongst the breeds that need to be closely watched. Some may say: “Oh no, my pug is in amazingly great health. Never had a problem!” And if that is true – congratulations! You have one of the rare pugs that are concern free!

However, most pugs – although sweet and cute – have to pay for their unique looks. Those short legs, big round eyes, and flat faces come at a rather significant cost. Most pug-lovers will tell you they are worth it but, if you are on the fence when it comes to adopting one, you may want to go to the next page.

Once there, we will show you six (6) common pug genetic issues that new owners really need to know about! Those who love their adorable pugs says anything they may face is worth it for such a fine dog – and that may well be true! –  but new owner beware!

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