(VIDEO) It’s Time for a Little Boy to Get Up for School. How a Pug Wakes Him Up? Beyond Precious!

Wake Up

There are few of us who really like to get up in the morning. We do it because we have to start the day somewhere but it sometimes takes a little prodding to get the deed done, especially if we have to go to school or work.

We can always use an alarm clock and that works fine but it’s not very personal. What we all really need is someone who will come directly to our bed and urge us out of sleep in the morning.

Leave it to Jack the Pug.

Jack has one job to do and he takes pride in it; waking up his young master for school. He takes his duty very seriously and even though it often takes a lot of work, Jack is determined to get the job done!

And as you will see on the next page, waking up to little Jack’s kisses is a great way to greet the morning!

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