A Doggy is Making Strange Noises. Here’s How to Tell if a Dog Has a Collapsed Trachea.

sad and sick pug

You and your dog have a great relationship, to the point where if you make a sound that isn’t familiar your pooch will automatically look at you as if to ask what is the matter? In turn, you too notice when certain things are not right with Rover.

She starts to make odd sounds which, at first, you probably just thought was a cough and congestion. After all, she is an active little thing and there are times when you wonder when she takes the time to breathe!

Yet, this problem can be more serious than you at first thought. Your poor pooch could have a collapsed trachea! What? That doesn’t just happen, does it?

Sadly, it can. Particularly with smaller dogs.

If you have concerns don’t hesitate to take your dog to the vet and if you still are unsure you can go over to the next page and we will give you some important information on how you can tell if your suffering pup’s trachea has collapsed!

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