This Hilarious Pug Knows When it’s Time for Food!

Grimley the Pug is super anxious for his meal time. After his owner asks him if he's ready to eat, to demonstrate his excitement he starts barking! And in addition to his barking he comes over to his owner and nips at her pants!

This funny Pug is basically telling his owner “Why the hold up?!” When he is offered food, he wants to eat it right away! Not only does Grimley love dinnertime, like most dogs he's really tuned in to his schedule. I'm sure you all know dogs who can tell certain times of day like they're wearing a watch and this is exactly the case with Grimley.

He even has a peculiar type of bark to express his urgency. It's not quite like talking, though! Check out Grimley's antics on the Next Page:

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