(VIDEO) This Pug Knows a TON of Tricks. When You See Them All Performed? WOW!

Pug doing tricks

Ok, there are some pretty talented animals out there but we bet you haven't seen one as smart as this one! It takes a lot of time and patience by both an owner and a doggy to be able to successfully teach and learn new tricks. And not to mention plenty of treats!

When you see what this tiny black Pug can do, you'll be speechless! How does one doggy learn how to do so many amazing tricks?! He relies on an extremely dedicated owner! It takes a lot of practice to get your doggy to learn a lot of tricks!

Of course, this Pug's natural talent has to be applauded! LOL! You need to check out this talented pooch and see what he can do with just a few simple commands!

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