Can You Feel the Doggy Love Tonight? Sweet Ways Dogs Show You They Care

Doggy love is a feeling we all love to feel. It's nice being able to stare into your puppy's eyes and believe the admiration and deep connection that comes from deep within. However, even though you know deep down that Fido loves you, wouldn't it be nice if you knew that for sure?

Thanks to science there are many signs a dog shows you on a daily basis that tells you he loves you. It's more than just a feeling, but he has non-verbal cues that demonstrate his deep affection for you. When you come home, and he goes crazy and carries a favorite toy in his mouth, this is one sign. Another is staring you in the eyes. There's so much trust and love that he's showing you daily. Who needs to hear the words?!

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Image Source: freeparking / via Flickr

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