Determining How a Dog May React to the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

dog with glasses on

The date August 21st has been marked on the calendars of many humans for months. While humans are busying preparing for some sort of important milestone and may even be packing bags and taking a roadtrip in advance of this date, our dogs are wondering what the commotion is all about. Is human abandoning me?

A solar eclipse will make it's way across the country on the 21st. Since there's a specific path of visibility that provides the vantage point for the total eclipse, our dogs may be our sidekick during the adventure.

If you're lucky, you can simply step outside of your front door and see the eclipse. Since our doggies are curious creatures, they might be right by our side to avoid being excluded. Others might be traveling to locations where the total eclipse is visible with doggy in tow.

Keep reading on the next page to learn how your dog could be affected by the solar eclipse and how to ensure he'll be safe and sound during the event!

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