(Video) It Only Takes Judge Judy Literally Seconds to Determine This Dog’s Rightful Owner

Judge Judy

Regardless of whether our dogs are cuddlers and clingers or not, we know they could tell us apart from any other humans in a matter of seconds. They know our faces, our scents and our mannerisms like they know the back of their paws!

If my dog were put in a large room filled with a bunch of other humans (including myself), he would be able to track me down before I could even begin to track him down. I wouldn't have any doubt! They just know who their mom or dad is. Our human kids would act the same way!

So, Judge Judy used this smart method in order to settle one of her infamous court cases earlier this month. When two separate parties claimed that a cute, white fluffball was theirs, Judge Judy simply asked the dog. What a way to settle a case!

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