Do You Know What Your Dogs are up to When You Leave?!

Dogs can get into a lot of mischief while you're away…or not. Depending on the energy level of your dogs, some dogs will get into serious trouble while you're gone or they may surprise you and just chill and relax.

Adorable pooches Mr. Pepper and Margo know just what to do while their owner is away: sleep! When their owner sets up a camera to see what the doggies do while he's away, he discovers that both pooches wait patiently for him to come back on the pull out coach. They take turns sleeping on one another, getting up to look out the window, and then they sleep some more. It's adorable! Meanwhile their cat friend doesn't move a muscle LOL.

You gotta watch these two pups patiently wait for their parent to come home on the next page.

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