Eight Reasons why You Should NEVER Own a Pug

For Pugs being such a popular breed, it's hard to wrap your mind around what makes this dog so adorable. Is it their big personalities? The way they scream when they're excited? Oh wait — maybe it's their big eyes and curly tail?!

We just don't get why so many Pug owners love their dog as a child and will treat them like a fur baby. It doesn't make any sense to us…

In fact, because Pugs are such a charming breed, we feel it's our responsibility to warn you: Pugs are not the right dogs for everyone. In fact, as fellow Pug supporters, we feel it's important to tell you the truth. A Pug may just not be the right type of dog for you and here's why…

It's time for you check out eight reasons that'll support our argument as to why owning a Pug may not be in your best interest.

From the moment they are born they are really scary. I mean, who in their right mind would fall in love with a face like this?

pug puppy being held

Wait until you see all of the reasons why you may want to reconsider before bringing a Pug into your family. It's time to face the truth that Pugs are NOT a good fit for everyone and more specifically, for you! 

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