(Video) Golden Retriever Sneakily Steals His Sister’s Birthday Pupcake


If you're like me, then your dog's birthday is more eventful than your own! Yes, my dog has a special birthday hat, gets “Happy Birthday” sung to him and opens presents, which he unwraps and tears into tiny pieces.

Of course, the most important part of the day for our dogs is the food. It has to be on-point and perfect. Without a birthday pupcake, it's just like any other old day.

It doesn't matter if he understands if it's his birthday or not! You just want him to have an extra fun day!

This pair of Golden Retrievers is the epitome of sibling relationships! When it comes to birthdays, siblings can become envious of one another over the attention so it's only natural for the parents to face a sticky situation. Boy, did this mom have her hands full on one particular fur baby birthday!

Continue on to the next page to watch how this Golden Retriever steals his sister's pupcake from right underneath her nose! You'll love how their mom reacts!

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