8 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own a Pug…

Below are more reasons why having a pug in your life is a bad idea:

They get SO bored with your company. I mean…who wants to hang out with little ole you?! *Yawn* so boring, right? 

bored pug

Via brat_ro / Flickr

They will steal your children's binkies and it will drive you bonkers. Why does a pug feel like she has the right to take what she wants, whenever she feels like it?

After all, she doesn't look cute at all with this binky in her mouth and now it has been contaminated! Gross! 

pug with binkie

If you thought these were compelling reasons why you should not get a pug, wait until you check out the next page. 

Here's a hint: it has to do with pug fur. Just wait until you read the truth about fur; you'll seriously get grossed out. Ewww!

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