Ever Heard of the Dog Sport Called Mondioring? Learn More About it!


In addition to mondioring helping a pooch improve his agility and obedience, this sport can help a doggy and his parent grow closer.The owner will no doubt be tested as he faces challenges as he trains his pup and enters him into competitions, but the sport will certainly be worth it due to all of its positive benefits! Continue to learn more about mondioring on DogVacay.

In the 1980s, dog lovers across Europe with the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) convened to create an epic sport. They combined the best features of each of these competitions in order to create one of the hardest but most rewarding dog sports in the world: Mondioring, meaning “World Ring.”

What Is Mondioring?

Mondioring assesses a dog’s obedience, athleticism, agility, and ability to protect in a mock scenario—not to mention it tests the owner’s patience and dedication to training. Each Mondioring course is newly designed for each competition. It looks and feels vastly different so it can test a dog’s cognition, adaptablity, and judgement.

To learn more about the people and pups that take part in Mondioring, we talked to Benjamin Luddy and Makoto Mizutani of Scout Regalia.

How did you hear about Mondioring?

We found out about Mondioring through our dog trainer OJ Knighten. We liked how the dog is treated in Mondioring the best.

How has Mondioring fostered your bond with Penny?

My bond with Penny is so much stronger since we’ve gotten into the sport! Mondioring is a regular “job” that she thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to.

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What were the guidelines for designing the course this year?

Unlike many dog sports, Mondioring has a unique theme. This really teaches the dogs to deeply understand each exercise on a conceptual level.

What other hobbies does Penny enjoy?

Penny is a very social dog who loves being around other people and dogs.

And when we travel, we stay in dog friendly places.

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