(VIDEO) This Puppy Wants to Take a Nap on Her Giant Doggy Friend and it’s Just Precious

tiny pup on big dog

If you're looking for someone to cuddle up next to, puppies are known to be amazing at cuddling. When they're that cute and fluffy, they're hard to resist! LOL!

The same goes for other dogs; sometimes older dogs just can't say no to an adorable and super tiny pup. They want to cuddle up next to them too!

Well, when you see how much this baby pooch wants to cuddle up next to her giant doggy friend, your heart will melt. Their size difference is so drastic! LOL!

You need to see how this tiny pup gets comfortable on her giant pooch buddy. It's so sweet and hilarious at the same time!

Will they be cuddle buddies for life? You should watch this adorable video to find out!

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