Watch a Pug Create a Whirlpool in a Big Tub… and Love it!

pug whirpool

Everyone has a fun way of entertaining themselves when they get bored. Perhaps you like to drive your car through the wash and watch the lovely colors make designs on your windshield. Or, maybe you like taking a scenic drive and parking somewhere where you can gather your thoughts by yourself. There are many ways you can cheer yourself up and just have fun.

If you need fun inspiration why don't you check out the little things that dogs do to keep themselves entertained! For example, when a pug gets put in a giant tub, what does he do? He splashes around and creates a whirlpool! This just isn't a small whirlpool either. This whirlpool gets larger and larger as the pug continues to run around in circles in the tub!

It's the cutest thing, and the funny thing is the pug LOVES doing this to entertain himself! Whereas most pugs would be afraid of the water, this pug is thoroughly enjoying his bath time. In fact, I think he could stay in there for hours and continue to have fun in there all day!

Watch this master pug create a giant whirlpool and have a blast in the tub after the break.

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