Find Out Why Everyone Can’t Get Over This Doggy Adoption Photo

pitbull cuddling with mom

The photo of this adopted dog has become a hit and when you see how he is with his owner, your heart will melt!

Many of us have adopted a dog from a shelter or rescue. We take them home and they provide us with us much love and care as we give to them. Unfortunately, for some dogs like pit bulls, it is much harder for them to get adopted. That's why when we saw exactly this photo of how much this sweet adopted pit bull loved his new mom, we couldn't get enough!

When you see the priceless photo, it will be impossible for you not to love this dog as much as everyone else does. You'll be smiling, laughing and you might even say “Aww” a dozen or so times. This dog is truly special and his adoption photo is the best!

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