(Video) Owner Spots Pup Outside Door, But Watch to See How the Dog Tries to Get In

dog waiting outside the door

Yes, we adore our dogs. As a matter of fact, you probably would not be viewing these pages if you did not.

However, there are times when we know it’s probably best to keep them in the backyard for awhile, like when we have company. You know, if Rover is in the house he’ll probably do his wonderful trick of humping the visitor’s leg.

That’s fine if you don’t want to see that person again but if you are trying to impress, yes, Rover gets to romp and roll in the backyard grass for a few hours. No harm, no foul.

Still, there are some pooches that do not take too kindly to this treatment. After all, they think, everyone wants to meet the family dog! However, because Rover is such a good pet he doesn’t threaten by jumping or growling or even pouting when excluded.

Rover licks the backdoor either until he’s sure he’ll be noticed and let in or maybe he thinks his saliva will eventually melt the glass!

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