Finding Out Whether a Dog Can Safely Eat Potatoes

dog near potatoes

Most humans love to see potatoes on their plate in any form. Whether they're fried, baked or in a pie, we're crazy for the comfort-food taste they provide.

Our dogs certainly wouldn't disagree with us. I'm fairly sure Thanksgiving is my dog's favorite time of year because he gets lick after lick of mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole. We assume that potatoes are a harmless item to feed our dogs since they're fairly plain and nutrient dense.

However, we can't be fooled by our dogs' obsession over potatoes. We have to remind them that too much of anything is dangerous. Even if they stare at us with those memorizing puppy eyes, sometimes it's better to say no to potatoes.

Keep reading on the next page to learn whether it's truly safe to feed your dog potatoes! Is there a difference between regular potatoes and sweet potatoes?

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