(VIDEO) Overly Confident Frenchie Puppy Thinks He Can Win a Tug-Of-War Battle With a Golden Retriever

Tug Of War

Courage and tenacity are words often used but not necessarily to their true meaning.

For us, someone changing a new hairstyle or color is not really courageous. Okay, maybe it does take some guts to experiment with the unknown, unsure if you will like it or not – but a haircut is just that and will grow out. The color will fade. Now, what our brave men and women do over-seas – that is courageous!

And – weirdly – what the cute French bulldog puppy does over on page two is rather courageous too. He is battle-ready and much smaller than his larger counterpart, an adult Golden Retriever!

But the tough little guy certainly will not give up on his goal! THAT is gutsy!

After the break, check out these two fierce competitors in a short video that may just make you laugh and smile away the day!

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