(VIDEO) Pug Has a New Toy. When He Tells His Mom NO WAY to Touching It? What a Selfish Pug, LOL!

Pug not sharing toy

You really shouldn't interfere between a doggy and his new toy! Why? Well, he really needs to spend some quality time with it! LOL!

Or maybe he's just a tiny bit selfish! LOL!

In this hilarious video, one adorable Pug gets a new donut toy! However, when his owner tries to grab it from him, he lets her know that it's not ok! You need to see this adorable pooch's reaction to his owner!

There is no way that she is getting anywhere near his beloved new toy! When you hear the noises he makes at his owner; you will crack up. I have never heard anything like this before!

Watch how this funny Pug tells his owner to stay away from her new toy or else on the next page!

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