Friend Returns His Lost Pug, But When He Pets Her, She Seems Different

two pugs

For anyone who has lost a dog, we understand your sadness and confusion. It has happened to us and, thanks to a kind lady who found him and kept Max in her backyard before calling us, we were reunited with our beloved pooch in just a couple days.

Some are not so lucky but then there are others who, somehow, manage to gain more than they expected! Luke Neville is such a person.

The poor man lost his precious pug, Bella, and did all he could to find her. A friend finally found Bella and there was much rejoicing!

Well, for a little while.

Luke discovered there was something not quite right about his Bella. Soon he realized the pug was not Bella at all!

Go to the next page and see some wonderful photos of Bella, Not-Bella, and the young man who – for a while – was the fur-parent to both!

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