(Video) This Pug on Slides Compilation is Going to Make All Mondays Going Forward Totally Bearable (We Promise)

pugs on slides

We know you dread Mondays. They are never any fun and mean that the wonderful weekend is over. It makes you want to cry, right?! LOL!

Well, we've got a remedy for the Monday blues in Pug form! No more crying; it's time to smile! Get ready to enjoy the cutest compilation of Pugs having some summer fun on slides!

Trust me; you haven't seen anything as cute as a Pug sliding down on a slide! Just wait until you see the Pug at 1:05! You're going to crack up with laughter!

Beat the Monday blues and watch the most amazing collection of sliding Pugs ever!

Watch how these fun-loving Pugs enjoy their time by sliding through life on this fun video you gotta watch on your Monday on the next page!

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