6 Common Pug Genetic Issues That Dog Owners Need to Educate Themselves About


I just can't seem to get over the look a pug gives. There's something about their face that lures you in and makes you immediately want to give them some love. I'm convinced they have some type of magical power.

Maybe it's their large eyes that make you feel compassion for them or maybe it's their curly, playful tails that convince you they need a game of fetch. Either way, you simply can't pass one of these on the street without saying hi!

On the other hand, maybe those adorable faces are given to pugs for a reason. Since they can run into some genetic issues that affect their health, their longing faces force you to keep an eye on them for any signs of trouble.

However, there's no need to convince yourself you need to find a different breed. After all, not every pug will have these problems and the love pugs provide far outweighs the potential for health issues. All it takes is your vigilance!

To learn about the six (6) most common genetic issues in pugs, continue reading! Your puggy will thank you!

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