Here Are the Steps You Should Try Taking if Your Pug Runs Away When You Take Out the Nail Trimmers

pug nail trimming

It's time to trim your Pug's nails yet again, however, every time you even attempt to trim those nails and take out the nail cutters he disappears. You may think your doggie is being dramatic — after all, isn't it a good thing you're trimming his nails and not his groomer?

It doesn't seem to matter to dogs — and especially Pugs — who is cutting their nails. Most dogs just don't like getting their nails cut. Most doggie parents struggle with finding a technique that's effective, and if that sounds like you, you're not alone.

Eventually, you have to give up or have your groomer do it, even though you'd much rather be doing it yourself.

As much as you'd like this task to go away, there can be health repercussions for your Pug. Eventually, if it goes too long your dog's overgrown nails can affect his posture, which in turn can also cause him to have pain in his rear.

Luckily with a lot of patience and love, there are some tips you can apply that will hopefully get you to that stage where it's ultimately easier to trim your pup's nails.

On the next page check out some helpful techniques and tips that'll help you trim your Pug's nails. Hopefully, with these tips, the process will go more smoothly and ultimately become something that your Pug no longer has to run away from.

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