(VIDEO) Minnie the Pug REALLY Wants to Get on a HUGE Bed. How She Tries to Make That Happen? Too Cute!

tiny pug big bed


For some, there are only two types of people in this world. The timid and the adventurous types. But this is not an exclusive club! As it turns out, our dogs may just have the same sensibilities!

Here we have two very charming Pugs. We see Minnie, who feels the need to investigate and conquer, and her brother who appears happy simply watching Minnie do her thing.

Maybe one day he’ll take the plunge and really goes after things like ambitious sis but why bother when Minnie clearly shows she is the daredevil of the family. And how!

In this chapter, Minnie has decided it’s time to overcome the bed – and it is a very tall bed! Still, she will not be dissuaded in her efforts. All the while big brother is there to lend encouragement!

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