(Video) This Pug Throws a Fit Like Never Before. When the Reason Why is Revealed? ROFL!

Pug temper cry

We adopt our fur family for many reasons. Not just for companionship but also to guard us against threats to our well-being. If our dogs hear or see something, they do not consider kosher they will certainly let us know about it!

A great example of that alert system is over on the video on the next page.

There we have a great little Pug who takes his job very seriously. Watch as, even closely in the arms of his Mommy; he raises the alarm! Oddly, she seems calm, but our Pug hero is unhappy from the get-go!

He cries – and we really mean cries! His warning is something else but Mom does not seem to think there is anything amiss. How can that be?

Puggy knows better and if only he could escape her arms to face the “creature” and protect his family from the unknown!

After the break take a look at this funny video and see if our hero’s fears are well-founded!

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