How to Tell if Your Doggy is Suffering from Depression

sad dog

Just like humans can suffer from depression, so can dogs. If you recently had a baby, moved or took a job after staying home full time, your pooch may be having a hard time adjusting. If your doggy is sleeping more than she used to, isn't eating as much, and isn't acting like her usual self, she may be suffering from depression.

When humans get depressed, they find activities they can enjoy, or make themselves try to do things that they usually look forward to. It's the same way with dogs. If your doggy doesn't seem to be enjoying anything, take her on more walks or car rides so she can put her head out the window. Little things that make her happy in time should help her come out of her depression.

To learn more about doggy depression and how to recognize it in your pooch, visit the second page.

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