Watch a Chug Puppy and His Parents Interact – Their Relationship is as Sweet as Can be!

Chug puppy

Have you ever seen a Chug? You know, half chihuahua and half pug? Well if you haven't then you definitely need to see this video of a Chug puppy interacting with his parents.

Louie the chug is a brand new addition to this family and they're so excited to have him! You'll get to see how they play together and cuddle! AWW!

Louie is one energetic little pup. You'll totally want a Chug after watching this video. He is quite the charmer!

When Louie and his owner aren't busy running around, they love to cuddle and posing in front of the camera. These two are a great match! LOL!

Peek inside the cutest relationship between this chug and his new owner by watching the video on the next page!

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