9-Week-Old Yorkie Puppy is Killing Us with the Cute Factor!

yorkie puppy

In today's video on the next page, you get to meet a delightful little yorkie puppy who is having fun exploring the world around her. This adorable puppy is loving sniffing and smelling everything in sight as she also takes a break to play with her new toy, slip and slide on the tile floor (which is super cute by the way), and explore more of her surroundings.

It's also apparent that she already knows who her daddy is as she waltzes right over to him while he's filming the video. At one point, she even follows his phone, and we get to see a close up of her precious face! How cute is she?!

Besides being cute, though, this yorkie is already a little smarty. She knows how to use her squeaker toy and exactly knows where to rest in her kennel. With all of her playful energy, I'm sure she's going to be a handful for her parents. But with all of that cuteness she's totally worth it. LOL!

Watch this adorable yorkie kill us with the cute factor after the break.

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