Is Your Doggie in Love With Meal Time? THIS May be Why…

dog eating

It has been proven that certain dog breeds love to eat and never seem to act like they're full. Then there are others that will eat then be perfectly satisfied afterward. What could be the reason for this drastic variance?

Then there are the picky eaters who have a hard time eating at all, unless it's people food. It's difficult trying to figure out Fido's behavior when it comes to his eating habits, but there's a recent study that'll help shed some light.

A study was recently done on Labrador Retrievers. They are a hefty natural dog and, in 2016, was named America's most popular dog by experts! Labs have a very keen interest in food, more than the average dog, and those who study such things are convinced it has more to do with just appetite.

That’s right. There may be a scientific cause for their food-motivated behavior and the tendency toward obesity.

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