(Video) Naughty Husky is in Denial as to What He Just Did and We Can’t Help But Chuckle

guilty husky

Many experts say dogs do not feel guilt. What we may perceive as a “guilty” expression is essentially confusion or fear that we, their masters, are angry with them.

Be that as it may, we still cannot get around the underslung look they give us when they are sitting in the backyard with a piece of a sandwich between their paws that we left on the kitchen table for little Billy. Certainly, they are afraid of punishment — that would make sense. They feel guilty over taking the sandwich, right?

Still, like any child, they either look remorseful or put on an appearance of absolute innocence. Have you ever wondered what Fido would say if ever we questioned him about a wrong-doing and he could talk?

After the break, go to the next page and view a hilarious video where a more than responsible husky tries to talk his way out of punishment!

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