(Video) Get Ready to Die a Little Inside While Seeing Tiny Pug Sit in Her Mom’s Hand!

pug hand

Each and every time we open our doors to leave our homes, our furbabies give us one last longing look, basically begging us to reconsider our plans in order to stay home with them. In some cases, our dogs may even follow us around obsessively as we're getting ready to head out for the day. It's heartbreaking!

Most of the time, we wish we could just take them along with us on all our adventures, but we know our offices, the grocery stores, and your favorite restaurants would probably not appreciate the added visitor.

Even a simple trip to the doggy park can prove difficult, especially if you have a larger dog. You have to make sure they're safe and stable in the car and have their collar on and ready for use as soon as the car stops. Even 10-pound dogs can become heavy after awhile if you're carrying them in a bag.

This pug has a way around all of those portability issues: her size! It's not that she's just small, she's tiny!!

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