Mom Steps Outside to Check Hurricane Harvey Damage, Then Sees a Dog Carrying Large Bag Of Food


We never know what we are going to see when we step outside our house so it’s always nice when you have a camera or a cell phone so you can snap an interesting event. Who knew, a week ago, that those living in the South of Texas would be taking so many photos when disaster hit!

As we all know Hurricane Harvey, a category four (4) monster, has taken a terrible toll on those who live in Texas, particularly around the coast and Houston area. Many were told to leave, to bug-out if at all possible, and there was at least one Texas native that took it to heart!

Otis, the dog was seen walking down the street, obviously deciding it was time to leave. In his mouth, he carried a huge bag of kibble! It is at once heartbreaking and hilarious. It truly seemed this dog thought it was time to evacuate but he refused to go hungry!

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