(VIDEO) Pug’s Parents Have a Professional Nanny Watch Over Him. How Mrs. Pugsfire Handles This Unruly Puppy? Hilarious!

pug nanny

When it comes to taking care of wild behavior, sometimes you've got to hire the very best professionals to do the job! Especially when that wild and unruly behavior is coming from an energetic puppy! LOL!

Well, this little pug's parents decided to get the BEST nanny to watch their crazy puppy; her name is Mrs. Pugsfire. How she tames this little pup will crack you up!

She's a professional, and no one can top her doggy training skills. It will definitely be a quite difficult for this energetic pup to cause any more trouble with his parents after getting handled by Mrs. Pugsfire! You have to see it!

Watch how this unruly pup gets nannied by the hilarious Mrs. Pugsfire on the next page!

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