When a Cute Pug Falls Into the Toilet, You’ll Never Guess What Her Owner’s Reaction is!

pug stuck in the potty

Poor little pug! Maggie McMuffin has gotten herself into a little bit of a pickle. She fell into the toilet!

It's not clear how she exactly got into the toilet, but our guess is that she hopped onto the seat and fell in. Oh no! Luckily her dad is nearby and goes looking for Maggie. When he comes across her not only is he in shock, but he begins to laugh hysterically.

Meanwhile, Maggie looks mortified. Can you blame her?! She is just sitting there in the toilet in a vulnerable state. The poor pug looks confused and ready to get out of the toilet ASAP.

What would you do if your pug got stuck in the potty? Check out this hilarious video on the second page.

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