People Are Laughing Hysterically at This Poor Doggie’s Unfortunate “Trim”

Mimi's hair before the haircut

Let's face it; we've all had terrible haircuts! LOL! Am I right?! Mistakes happen, the trimming shears cut too much off and then your stuck with a horrible do for months! LOL!

It can be pretty embarrassing, but luckily hair grows fairly quickly. Whew — good thing, huh?!

When you meet Mimi, the dog and see the horrible haircut she got at the groomers, you are going to laugh hysterically! LOL! Seriously!

This dog owner decides to cut corners and costs to make sure he didn't spend too much money on Mimi's monthly hair trim. He asked the groomer only to trim Mimi's hair, but that's not exactly what happened.

It looks like Mimi ended up paying a hefty price! LOL! You need to see this poor pooch's silly haircut after the break. Poor doggie!

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