Photographer Reminds Us That Sweet Senior Dogs Need a Home Too

older pug

How often are we guilty of overlooking senior dogs and instead adopting younger dogs from animal shelters?

It makes sense that people would adopt a younger pup first. A younger pooch has many years ahead of him and makes a wonderful pet. However, senior dogs can make a wonderful pet as well.

Even though they're not as young and full of life as puppies, they are usually already potty trained, make wonderful cuddle buddies, and are looking for a “forever” home to spend the rest of their days.

Photographer Stacey Gammon noticed the trend of senior dogs being left behind at animal shelters so she put her photography skills to good use to bring awareness to the situation. She created a project called The Gift of Golden Years, which features a variety of beautiful elderly dogs.

Her pictures show a glimpse of several senior dog personalities. They all look so sweet and loving and I'm sure would make a wonderful furry best friend.

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