Pug Dies After Eating Dog Food That Was Contaminated With Euthanasia Drug

sad pug

While these pages have reported on this matter before we want to emphasize just how important the issue of contaminated dog food is. Pet food company Evanger’s, in a display of compliance and empathy, on February 3rd recalled five batches of its Hunk of Beef dog food.

One batch of the dog food tested positive for pentobarbital, a drug that is used in euthanasia as well as for other medical purposes. It is suspected that the company that provided the meat for Evanger’s product used the carcass of a euthanized animal and this is how the pentobarbital infected the dog food.

At least one dog, a pug in Washington state named Talula, died after consuming the food and three others in the same household are ill. Others may also be infected but, so far, nothing has been reported.

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