(Video) Pug is Sleeping Away When Mom Puts a Treat Near By. Now Watch His Head… Oh My Goodness!


They say that you should let sleeping dogs lie, however when a treat is involved, you might want to wake them up. That's right.

I bet they wouldn't mind getting woken up to a tasty snack! Watch how one sleeping Pug reacts to a yummy treat. His owner decides to surprise him with a snack while he sleeps and his reaction is priceless!

Would you surprise your pooch with a treat by his bed? We bet you wouldn't be able to resist the urge to do it! LOL!

If you want to see an adorable reaction to a treat, this Pug does just that!

Watch and see how this sleeping Pug gets a surprise treat by his owner on the fun video on the next page! I still can't believe how the Pug responds to it, lol! 

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