Senior Dog Was Abandoned, But New Mom Makes Heartwarming Promise That is Making Us Tear Up

Anyone who loves dogs, or animals in general, can't even imagine giving up a dog at any point in their life, much less after they've had their furbaby for 17 years. It makes us cry just thinking about having to do that!

Unfortunately, not all humans are fit to be dog parents, despite actually owning them. Those include people who give up on their furbabies the second they show signs of age or health problems. When you get a dog, you make a promise to take care of them and love them for the rest of their lives. After all, their life is not less important than any other! They don't deserve to be left in the dust!

This doggy, Rocky, had a bleak future after being abandoned due to his elderly status. How could his owner live with himself after doing that??

Well, sometimes things happen for a reason. Rocky was adopted by a couple who made the most heartwarming promise to him. His story is not only inspirational, but it renews our faith in humanity!

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